The Firm


TDP provides assistance in various areas of the law, such as third party liability, national and international marine insurance claims, cargo and hull related matters, as well as offering advice to logistic operators and the insurance market.

Legal services are offered to the freight, transport and logistic industries as well as to insurance companies, brokers and lending institutions. TDP advises on all intermodal issues, from the wording of commercial contracts, to terms and conditions of engagement and on insurance policy drafting. The firm assists and represents clients in disputes both through litigations (before all Italian Courts and IVASS, the governmental body supervising private insurance) and arbitration.

Partners at TDP have considerable experience on the drafting of contract of services and of lending agreements, including shipbuilding loans and intellectual property. Advice is given on any claims that may arise from such areas, also through the professional assistance and co-operation with HGAS Avvocati.
Partners at TDP are also consultants of governmental Institutions and of Unions, with particular reference to contractual and administrative issues arising from the carriage of goods and the carriage of dangerous waste.
All Partners regularly writes on marine insurance and transport related issues for specialised magazines